{Client Testimonials}

After each treatment, my friends and colleagues notice (and mention) how clear and bright my skin is. I look and feel fresher and younger!

Enzyme Treatments have been hugely important to support my skin before and after the DMK Six-layer Peel I underwent for sun damage. I still can’t believe the improvement in my skin

DMK Enzyme Treatments would have to be the best treatments that my skin has ever experienced – I wish that I had discovered them sooner!

It’s the first time in my life I have been able to leave my makeup at home and feel confident – DMK you perform miracles!

I have been enjoying Enzyme treatments for the past 10 years and my skin is FABULOUS.

I had very serious breakout problems, scarring and enlarged pores. Since using various DMK products recommended by the Beauty and Balance consultants my skin has improved remarkably.


Lucien Mathurine , (Redhill, Durban, South Africa)

DMK treatments have made amazing changes to my skin. Enzyme treatments truly help me with my acne AND ageing.

After several years in the industry, it was the first time I came across a skin as damaged as this one particular client. He had ice pick marks on his entire cheek area and had pigmentation across his nose. I recommended 4 x Enzyme Treatments of which I’ve used Prozyme and thereafter I did a series of Alkaline Wash. He is now on a full DMK homecare regime and comes in every two weeks for Hydradermaze Treatments. I am so ecstatic with the results both personally as well as with the results the clients have seen!


My client, Daphney, had extremely bad pigmentation on either side of her cheeks. As a therapist for over 15 years, I have worked with various different products. The previous products I had prescribed to Daphney would not even break her pigmentation apart. So I started her on a course of treatments, 2 x Prozyme, 4 x Bihaku , 2 x Hydradermaze and products (as homecare) and once a month maintenance of Bihaku. Her pigmentation not only broke but it is now almost completely vanished. I can most certainly say that I have never seen a product work the way DMK does.