Participant must be a current active DMK Trained Therapist.

Must live in and practice in the country they are submitting their images from.

Participant agrees that the DMK International may use any information submitted (including likeness and image) for its marketing purposes.

Participant must be a current licensed esthetician as regulated under local licensing laws.

Participant must abide by the laws governed under their local laws.

Participant must be at least 18 years old.




Participants are to only use DMK Professional Back Bar and Retail Home Prescriptives.

The use of other topical skin care products is not permitted and will disqualify a participant if used.

Appliances are allowed if they work only on the epidermis (surface of the skin).

Injections, fillers, threads, surgery, lifts, tucks, nips are not permitted and will result in disqualification.


Registration Entry and Final Entry Forms for Single Participants

Registration opens June 1, 2018.

Submit completed registration entry form with photos and video of selected model by the required deadline. Registration entry forms and final entry forms missing information will be disqualified.

Both forms require: participant’s name, address, email, phone number, age and bio.  Photos are required to complete registration and final entry.

All entry forms, photos and video diaries must be submitted and uploaded by March 31, 2019.


Before and After Photos

For both registration entry forms and final entry forms, participants need to submit the following set of photos. These photos will be used to compare your image before and after you participate in this contest.

Contestant holding a major newspaper with the headline and date visible.

Close up / front view of model’s face.*

Profile (side) view of contestant up close.*

Participants must have full rights to photos submitted. Upon submission, you give DMK International rights to use these photos at the sole discretion of the company for marketing purposes.

*Try your best to take pictures at the same distance for both before and after picture.


Photo Requirements:

Photos must be in JPG or PNG format.

Photos must be original and unedited. #nofilter

Participants should wear the same type of clothing in their before and after photos and video for the best comparison.

Here is a brief video on some tips that will help you take a good before & after photo:



Winners will be determined by DMK International HQ Panel.*

Fifty percent of the score will be determined by the “why” and whether the participant has met or exceeded their original goals.

Fifty percent of the score will come from the before and after photos. Photos which are thought out and professional looking have a higher impact than those which show little thought and quality.

Top 10 finalists will be announced by no later than April 15, 2019.

*Scoring is based on objective and subjective factors, which factors are measured, weighted, and calculated are by judge’s sole discretion. Scoring information is confidential and proprietary and will not be released. Participants understand that success and results vary from person to person as well as individual lifestyles and homecare.

For any additional questions please contact us here at [email protected]