Our International Esthetics Competition is back! We are looking for the top DMK Therapist who wants to show off their skills, promote their business, compete for prizes, and have lots of fun!


How to Enter:

    • Register here down below


After you register:

  • Your name will show up on THE PARTICIPANT page.
  • Each player will have a self-portrait, their name, location, website link, social media links and video diary link on the DMK website.


Each player will:

  • Find a client/model that can commit to up to 12 weeks of treatments
  • Have 12 weeks to get the best result from their client
  • Make sure to take before (Week #1) and after (Week #12) pictures of client/model
  • Make sure to download model release form and have your client sign it (required to be a valid participant)
  • Every week each contestant will upload a 30-60 second video to their personal YouTube channel
  • Send your weekly YouTube link to [email protected]
  • Each contestant can start any time they want but they must make sure to upload all video diaries before March 31, 2019.
  • The first video entry MUST include a copy of a major newspaper with that day’s date clearly showing within the video (to show your start date)
  • A weekly video entry that will show your progress (The video can include still images of client’s progress.)
  • The final entry (#12) MUST include a copy of a major newspaper with that day’s date showing clearly within the video (to show your end date)


Each video entry should include:

  • Your name, your country and the problematic skin condition you will be treating.
  • Make the video interesting and creative.
  • Be authentic, we want to know the real you.
  • If you have not used Youtube before, no problem watch this quick tutorial.
  • Please note that the Before & After photos of your entry are extremely important for judging, here is a brief video with some helpful tips on how to take a good quality Before & After photo:






On April 15, 2019:

  • There will be 10 participants selected to go to the final round
  • Each contestant will be selected on technique and results
  • We will recognize the top 10 participants
  • These participants will then upload a 2 minute video where they will talk about their technique and protocols.
  • The finalists will be judged by a DMK Intl HQ panel
  • We will choose first, second and third place for over best results.
  • The last day to submit all of your video diaries will be March 31, 2019.



The Skin Games 2019:

Case studies for the DMK International Esthetics Competition may be also used to enter The Skin Games 2019






Download Model Release Form  |  Download How to Play Document |  Download Prizes Document | Download Rules Document