After her trip with Danné in sunny Beverley Hills, the beauty queen cum medical student flew to Peru to take part in Operation Smile; a warm not for profit organisation helping hundreds of children and young adults born with facial deformities, in developing countries.

Did you know that every three minutes, a child is born somewhere in the world with a cleft lip or palate? Sadly one in ten die before their first birthday!
This staggering statistic spurred Olivia to assist with this mission, and share with us her trip…

This is the first day of screening with Operation Smile. Tragic having to turn down some patients who had travelled over 1000km by bus and walking, to be seen! However so far 190 patients have been screened, and 119 scheduled for surgery in the coming days!


Me with Dr. Mauricio from Colombia assessing and diagnosing cleft lips, palates, nasal deformities & fistulas to determine whether we can help!2

Scheduling Operation Rooms is a tough job and very important as there are a number of requirements – unfortunately not all the kids who are eligible for surgery can be scheduled 3

Screening is a long, long day so kids (both potential patients and siblings) need to be entertained!


This 10-day-old baby with a bilateral cleft lip and palate travelled over 1000 km to be screened for surgery, but we are unable to operate on infants under 6 months old. Luckily if she returns next year Operation Smile will definitely be able to help her!!


Unfortunately if the cases are complicated or require multiple surgeries and intensive postoperative care, then we can’t take them, as the mission can only provide care while we are in town.

If you would like to be involved with Operation Smile, simply visit for more information!

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At DMK we believe that education is paramount, as well as sharing our skin wisdom with our peers; and Danné, our leader, is our inspiration!

On Danné’s most recent trip to Prague, he gave another of his trademark presentations at the 2014 Dermatology Conference. Followed by a warm and humorous, hands-on mentoring presentation to his loyal DMK devotees.

We love watching Danné do just about anything, and we know you’ll love watching this, as much as we did!

Simply click below to watch Danné’s latest jaunt…



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The amazing Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013 has just returned from three weeks in the America’s, with a warm heart!

On touch down in Los Angeles, she visited our very own Danné, who invited her to stay in his Beverley Hills home.

‘I spent three days with Danné, who is so much more than just a sponsor. DMK is like a little family, and to be invited into his home to stay was very comforting’ said the beauty queen.

Olivia was Danne’s self-proclaimed ‘guinea pig’ on some new exciting formulations that Olivia ‘instantly fell in love with!’

‘A “wetter than water” TransGenesis™ spray and also a neck cream. I absolutely CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THAT MAGIC CREAM’. She said without letting the cat out of the bag!

She furthered her excitement by saying ‘I don’t even have jowls, and it has made an instantaneous and noticeable difference!!’

Although she was travelling alone, she had time to catch up with her ‘Miss Universe rookie, Miss USA Erin Brady in LA!’

And what Olivia got up to next is another chapter we will share with you later in the week! We can say that it will put a big smile on your face…


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This is one of our favourite letters; we wanted to share with you, about the amazing TransGenesis™ from one of our devoted and loyal DMK fans!

‘Despite my pathetic skepticism, I tool a jar home the day we received it. As I opened my royal box, I was immediately excited!! I loved the luscious packaging, I loved the words of wisdom written inside this magical box, I loved that Danné was choosing to donate a portion of the sales to the Harvey Milk Foundation. I was desperate to get this luxurious cream on my face………

I popped the cream on, following my usual regime of cleaning, serums, fractionated oil; and massaged it in with the herb & mineral mist….Yep, feels nice……………

I did a final bathroom run before retiring to bed for the evening and stopped in my tracks as I saw my reflection in the mirror.

I moved a little closer to look in more detail at my skin. Surely one application of this cream could not have an immediate impact?

My skin appeared luminous, bright, plump…. my lips look perfectly pink and lush… I was glowing. Or, as my skeptical mind kicked in… was it all just wishful thinking???

I went to bed, and I must admit I continued to think about what I just saw in the mirror. I was really hoping it was too good to be true!

The next morning I jumped outa bed, the usual morning routine bustling around. I remember thinking my face felt tight.

It wasn’t until I went into the bathroom that I remembered my new royal cream. And WOW!! At this point I simply new it was not just wishful thinking.

My skin (which I must admit is rather good from years of enzyme therapy and DMK Home Prescriptives) looked AMAZING…yep, AMAZING…. Plump, Bright, Clear, Firm, Hydrated.

All this from one night of slumber and the new cream! I eagerly applied it again and raced into work to order more. I knew stocks we limited and new immediately we were going to sell out of the stock we had FAST…

TransGenesis™ is fabulous for the neck. The next day I took particular notice of the lines on my neck, the lines that I thought I had grown into and would be with me forever more. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes; these lines were disappearing before my eyes.

Day 3 and the lines on my neck are gone….


As you can imagine, as a salon owner and therapist who wants to provide my clients with the best-of-the-best, I am thrilled!!’

Liz… Universal Beauty Studio, Victoria, Australia

Image of Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013: also a lover of TransGenesis™

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The title of the beautiful, intelligent and down-to-earth Miss Universe Australia 2013 might be coming to an end, but Olivia is by no means finished with DMK. We sat down with the star, to find out the juice on her year of glory…

Olivia we’ve certainly had a ball with you over the past months – it’s hard to believe almost a year has flown by!

You must have experienced so much over the time you’ve been crowned Miss Universe, what’s your most treasured memory?

The highlight of my year has most certainly been being an ambassador for the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. As a med student with an interest in paediatrics this opportunity has been a priceless experience as well as a taste of what may be to come in my future career. I get goose bumps as I walk into the hospital, whether it be for photo ops or ward rounds, and I just know that being a doctor is where I want my life to be.

What about the not-so-light moments, or the pressure that goes with the title?

Let me tell you there were many tears shed over the year! At one point I completely broke down at my hairdresser only a few days before leaving for the international pageant. I’m not sure why, probably a combination of exhaustion, anxiety and anticipation.

Has it shaped the direction of your future, where do you see yourself going?

I wouldn’t say shaped, but being Miss Universe Aus has certainly given me a career boost – being given priceless opportunities at the RCH and also as an Operation Smile ambassador has provided me with experience other medical students can only dream of.

Now specifically DMK – have you noticed a difference in your skin over the period you have been using it?

I have noticed a difference and that is saying something considering I have always had incredible skin (I’m so lucky in this respect). However I didn’t realise that not having pimples didn’t necessarily mean my skin was at its most flawless. DMK has helped increase and stabilise water in the dermal layers of my skin which makes it radiant and glowing, not just pimple free! I’ve also noticed less red pigmentation around my jawline.

What are your skin concerns now?

I can very honestly and proudly say I have no skin concerns!! I’ll be maintaining my DMK routine for many years to come.

What products are now firmly planted in your daily regime?

All of them! My daily routine is deep pore pure, beta gel, eye tone, herb & mineral mist, TransGenesis™, solar damage gel & DMK sunscreen. I know it sounds like a marathon but it takes less than 2 min and it means I save 10 because I don’t have to wear make-up! I also do an at home enzyme mask weekly (or at least I try to, some weeks get busy) or an acu masque if I’m feeling congested.

What will you miss most about being Miss Universe Australia?

Seeing Donna and having DMK facial so regularly! Actually I will definitely be keeping those up!! I think I will miss being able to do things on my own time if I don’t have events. I’ll be back to Uni and so back to a very concrete timetable… Which will also mean hitting the gym at 6am not 9am!

Thanks Olivia… we’re glad you love DMK so much, that you’re sticking around!

Olivia Wells on DMK

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These amazing results are from our DMK Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel.

The change takes place over ten days, and without going under the knife…

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 1.04.36 PM

Find out more about the Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel by visiting

Photos courtesy of Kaye Owen Beauty and Massage, Australia

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Finally…the 3rd part of the Acne Revision Trilogy is balance the ratio of home treatments with professional treatments!

To get phenomenal results (which we do time and time again) you need to play your part!

As we’ve spoken about in previous posts, it’s imperative to:
Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 5.16.04 PM

  • Embrace a healthy diet
  • Drink 2-3L purified water per day
  • Take 4-6 DMK efa plus daily
  • Engage in positive thinking, exercise and meditation to balance your emotions and mindset.

Yet to truly get results that spark talk, you need to also:

  • Use the DMK Home Prescriptives regime twice daily
  • Apply DMK home treatments every three days
  • Visit your DMK Technician for weekly professional treatments.

Here is a powerful acne-busting pampering session you can perform at home:

  • Firstly cleanse with ACU-KLEANSE, and apply dermatox. Leave on for 3-5 mins then remove with warm water
  • Apply ACU-THERM to the pimples and congested areas, and leave on for 3 mins
  • Blot with a tissue and apply foamy lift mixed with exoderma peel and leave on for 30 mins
  • Remove in the shower with cleanser, and finish with pore reduction drops, beta gel, direct delivery vitamin c serum as a base
  • Apply ACU-KLEAR on the breakouts and spray the skin with ACU-MIST
  • Apply ACU-MOIST on the face, spray again
  • Throughout the day always apply DMK sunscreen and dust over with actrol powder, apply DMKC Foundation if desired.


Apply ACU-THERM on pimples and congested areas. Leave on for 5 minutes and then blot with a tissue, before applying retosin over the top, to leave on overnight.

Keep smiling on your acne revision journey, as great results await you!

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Think positively about balancing your emotional and mental well-being!

Too often when we’re upset about having acne, our emotional response exacerbates the condition even further, and it can be rather difficult so see past the blemishes.

We understand this first-hand; however the best way to leave the blemishes behind is to break the reactive chain in your mind, and then your body.

This can sound easier said, than done. However there are many ways to amplify positivity in your life: meditation, relaxation, gentle exercise as well as attuning your mind to think positive thoughts, some call affirmations.

As acne can worsen greatly, when one has a poor view of oneself, a very good way to help boost your self image; while simultaneously balancing your emotions; is to begin visualising what you would like your skin to look like, each night before you go to sleep.

Even if it’s just for 5 minutes, your body and mind will thank you for the relaxation meditation can bring; and by breaking the link in the acne chain; and promoting harmony in your mind and emotions, you can begin to slowly turn the tide.

Whether its emotional stress, nutritional deficiency, or hormonal imbalance you are experiencing – your skin will be affected by it. However you can bring your not-so-happy part of you back into homeostasis, into complete harmony.

One-way is to increase your serotonin levels: the feel-good happy hormone.

Seabuckthorn Oil is featured in DMK efa plus and it does just this. As well as nurturing new skin growth, needed for the skin to heal.

Another way is to exercise daily! Chemicals known as endorphins are released when you do so. They help to lessen pain, and so although you may initially dread it, exercise is truly amazing for both your happiness and your health.

But if you are feeling down-on-your-luck, and you just can’t see the ‘woods for the trees’ focus on eating well, drinking water, and taking DMK efa plus until and beyond you see the condition begin to shift.

Then with a little burst of positivity you can start to change your mindset as well!

Make sure you read tomorrow’s post about treatments you can do at home…


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danneJessica and her inspiring story seems to have sparked talk around the world.

We wanted to share some of her heartfelt words, and absolute reverence for DMK, and the man himself, Dannè:

‘Dannè, you are one of my heroes. I constantly think about your determination to secure a solution for this [acne] dreadful skin disorder. Your tenacity and integrity; never allowing acne to defeat you-and now us! You inspire me to want to be better, to do better. You’ve given me the opportunity to chase my career dreams in thepublic eye. To do something as simple as walk the streets in daylight with my head held high.’

Again Jessica, we are in amazement of your determination, and spirit!







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At DMK we’re very astute on the subject of ridding unwanted, uninvited acne. We believe in breaking the condition down into smaller more manageable steps, to attain a holistic result.

Over the next few days, we will share these equally important aspects, starting today….

Firstly a healthy diet and condition-based supplements are absolutely vital!

In our humble opinion, acne sufferers should seriously think about eliminating dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar; and introduce more alkaline foods into their diet. As well as drinking 2-3L of purified water each day. The aim is to flush the bacteria and over-abundance of oil from the skin!

Alkaline foods, as well as being highly nutritious, help to balance the pH levels in the body and keep it disease free. It’s been noted that highly acidic foods are linked closely to inflamed conditions, and one such condition, is acne.

The kind of foods you should be reaching for are green, leafy vegetables. Hazelnuts, pine nuts, almonds and coconut; as well as herbs and spices such as coriander, turmeric and basil; to name just a few!

Yet when it comes to supplements DMK efa plus tablets are perfect for the essential fatty acids they contain, as well as the vital mineral zinc. Which is not so well known!

Zinc is simple a must for acne sufferers. It’s very beneficial for growth and wound healing, as well as playing its part in balancing hormones. Found in seafood, poultry, nuts, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, alfalfa fortified cereals and legumes; zinc is a secret hero in the fight against acne.

So if you are suffering from the dreaded condition, you can today change one thing…what you put into your body!


Try ‘Google-ing’ recipes for zinc-rich foods, and increasing the amount of pure water you drink per day!

Tomorrow we talk emotions, and mental well being… so stay tuned.


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