At DMK we like to say, you won’t believe your eyes! Because this gorgeous-textured formula is gentle, effective and nourishing by design.


The primary focus of eye tone is to help the precious skin around the eyes function like it did when it was young. Who wouldn’t want that!?!

It’s specifically designed to target dark circles, fine lines, redness and puffy bags under the eyes. Which means you can nurture a more youthful looking you!

It also helps to promote normal cellular proliferation, while aiding in revising wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a much-loved product by many of our loyal DMK fans and a must-have product all year round!

The key ingredients that help make this product perform are:

• Beta glucan – to help stimulate and re-educate traumatised tissue

• Ascorbyl glucoside – a stabilised form of vitamin C

• Hyaluronic acid – to aid in hydrating tissue and promoting healthy cellular functioning
• Rutin – to assist in decreasing capillary fragility

• Squalane – to help to reduce swelling
• Seabuckthorn oil – (a nutrient-rich oil known for its healing properties) to help revise fragile capillaries.

eye tone is something that you have to try, to love!

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Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.02.31
The UK DMK team has shared their inspiring story about 19-year-old Jessica. Her words are spine-tingling lovely, and we wanted to share!

Jessica says she was just ‘another victim dying for clean skin’ and that after watching ‘severe acne distorting’ her appearance, it sadly took away her ‘confidence, joy, self esteem, and self worth.’

She claims that at age 19 she ‘shrank from the world’ often hiding from people and her reflection. With acne running rampage over her face, neck and entire happiness; something needed to give.

But then Jessica found DMK.

“The DMK treatments and home care products which work hand in hand, have changed my life’

I’ve been undergoing treatments for a year and have seen a substantial difference in the quality and overall health of my skin.

Without Dannè and the DMK company – I honestly don’t know where I’d be today. If living at all. It’s an ongoing battle,
a daily walk, but all thanks to Dannè/DMK, I envision myself winning.’

And to that we say hurray. What an inspiring story. Jessica we wish you the very best, and we’re very glad you found us!

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Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 10.42.09 AM

Did you know that Glycosylation is possibly the single biggest contributor to cross-linked wrinkles?

As we age the storage of excess sugars in the body shift to the connective tissues of the skin. These excess sugars pool around healthy skin cells and crystallise, causing a weight on the collagen thus reducing elasticity and normal cell proliferation.

The skin then starts to collapse into deep folds and wrinkles, and thus creates the condition known as Glycosylation; often refereed to as the ‘sugaring’ effect of the cells.

This is because excess glucose undergoes a chemical change to become the not-so-becoming glycosyl: a free radical!

So there you have it… the two main contributors of cross-linkage wrinkling and ageing skin: free radicals and Glycosylation!

There is hope though, to be revealed in blogs to come….

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The DMK Mix ‘n’ Masque Shower Power combo…

Simply apply micro peel to the face before a shower, followed by a ten-minute hydrating masque while you dry your hair, and voilà ! A dewy complexion is that easy!

‘The brilliance of the Shower Power combo is that it slots right into your normal routine, leaving the micro peel on while you shower and the hydrating masque as you dry your hair, you are no more time poor than you were originally!’ Says Olivia Wells, Miss Universe Australia 2013.

micro peel is known for its simplicity and efficacy! The gentle gel-like masque is easy to apply, helping to remove dead skin, for a fresh glow. Whereas the aptly-named hydrating masque offers supreme hydration for skin that needs a pick-me-up. When the two are teamed together, they can create a radiant, glow in under 20 mins!

Olivia admitted that when she is time poor, she is ‘not the most religious weekly Enzyme masque-er’, due to her busy work schedule.

However she says that the Shower Power combo is ‘perfect to get you through, until you have time to go and see your clinician, or find time for an at-home Enzyme Treatment!’

The busy medical student is currently packing her bags once again, this time she’s off to Cambodia for more volunteer work. When packing her bags, the star told us that the combo was on the top of her list!

‘I packed my micro peel & hydrating masque – having a very busy schedule, this is the perfect way to treat my skin when I want to be out sightseeing in my spare time.’

Another Mix ‘n’ Masque combo that’s amazing for saving time is Seeing Red, needing to apply red vein crème for just 5 minutes, before hydrating masque is applied over the top! This combo is to diminish the redness of fragile capillaries, before stepping out of the house!


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DMK Enzyme Treatments are sophisticated, and exclusive. And created by our very own Danné Montague King: a leading Beverly Hills Botanical Scientist, Cosmetic Chemist and Skin Specialist.

Our range of treatments and products are created with plant-based ingredients, which work in harmony with the skin’s natural chemistry. We believe that working with the skin, rather than merely acting on the skin’s surface, obtains talked-about results!

An excessive build up of dead cell tissues, combined with poor skin functioning, is what contributes to wrinkles, fine lines, premature aging, pigmentation, blackheads, and breakouts!

That’s where Enzyme Therapy comes in, to effectively:

• Hydrolyse dead redundant cell build up
• Alleviate debris and impurities, leaving a clear healthy smooth complexion
• Increased cellular activity for superior skin nourishment
• Supreme oxygenation for tissue regeneration
• Anti oxidants to fight and combat free radical damage
• Encourages your own skin to form new collagen
• Provides renewed elastin activity for tighter, firmer, skin.

Enzymes allow for unique treatments, which match the individual’s body chemistry, regardless of ethnic background, gender, age, or skin condition!

Optimal skin functioning is the key to slowing the aging process and correcting skin conditions naturally.

Once you have experienced Enzyme Therapy you won’t settle for anything less!

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We can’t stop ageing entirely, but we can take the very best care of ourselves. We’ve come up with a fairy easy equation to understand how to best take care of your skin.

How well you take care of yourself – environmental damage = your genetic potential!

Screen Shot 2014-05-06 at 9.36.20 AM


  • Always, always, always wear SPF sunscreen + a hat!
  • Eat an alkaline diet, taking in all the colours of the rainbow via fruits and vegetables
  • Swallow DMK EFA plus daily for skin to retain its turgidity and bounce
  • Add antioxidant Resveratrol to your daily supplements!
  • Vitamin A. Use it topically at night to keep your skin is performing at its best
  • Use DMK skincare regime religiously, both morning and night. DMK gets its active ingredients to the skin’s core, to positively influence the lifecycle of the skin.
  • Get your sleep! 8 hours will do wonders for your skin (not to mention your happiness.)
  • Say no to stress! Try meditation.
  • Enjoy life…


  • Protect yourself from UV exposure
  • Use inferior skin products with cheap fillers and nasty ingredients
  • Miss regular treatments – stick to them. With new skin cells turnover every 28 days, it’s important to nurture the new!
  • Smoke or drink to excess. It’s just not compatible with youthful glowing skin
  • Say no to sugar! Too much of it creates deep wrinkling in the skin, known as Glycation
  • Forget the power of vitamin C, both internally and externally, for youthful looks!
  • Sleep in your make up! It can cause congestion. Plus it looks messy on your pillow…
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Debbie Dickson, DMKs Director of Education explains…

DMK has been specialising in transdermal delivery of skin care products for over 40 years.

In this day and age the competition is fierce in terms of skin care. There is an endless supply of so called ‘miracle’ products and avant-garde ingredients; therefore it is wise for the skin practitioner and physician to be aware of the importance of constant research. Education is essential to decipher intelligent conclusions regarding the latest product waves flooding the market.

Many new trends are designed with the discovery of new herb-plant extracts, vitamins and antioxidants. Good examples of this would be the Aloe Vera and Retinal-A craze of the 1980’s, and the Alpha Hydroxy Acid rage of the early 90’s. It is imperative that practitioners consider all products and ingredients no matter how miraculous they sound as there is no single ingredient, product or machine that will alleviate all the signs of ageing or skin disease.
Researching new ingredients will enable the practitioner to refine their skills in diagnosing skin problems.

The medical and aesthetics world have drawn closer together in this last decade, with physicians and therapists working harmoniously. However, there are boundaries that must be professionally established as to the claims that can be made by practitioners other than physicians.

Let’s take things one step further. Have you ever wondered if these so called miracle active ingredients are actually getting to the target area? Or are they merely sitting on the surface of the skin?

It is the effective delivery system of any skin care product that is of greatest importance.

Danné Montague-King, founder of the DMK Paramedical Skin Revision System, has used his unique transdermal delivery system in all of his DMK Treatments and Home Prescriptive products – for over forty years.

What is transdermal delivery?

The word ‘transdermal’ literally means ‘across the dermis’. Another term we use to describe the transdermal delivery system is ‘transepidermal’. This denotes a product settling into the voids of the skin through many chemical and enzymatic actions.

Active transdermal technologies include:
• Iontophoresis (using low voltage electrical currents to drive charged ingredients through the skin)
• Electroportation (uses short electrical pulses of high voltage to create transient aqueous pores in the skin)
• Snophoresis (uses low frequency ultrasonic energy to disrupt the stratum corneum)
• Thermal energy (uses heat to make the skin more permeable and increases the energy of the drug molecules).

We are ever searching for newer chemical permeation enhancers all the time —especially those which aim to enhance the solubility of the diffusing ingredients in the skin. And we encourage our practitioners to seek out knowledge regarding ingredients and what they do, we must emphasize that DMK formulations are very complex and these require precise and advanced manufacturing techniques.

Products that claim to contain active, near-miracle ingredients are not necessarily manufactured with a transdermal base. This means that these products cannot deliver ingredients into the epidermis properly.

After all, there is a certain formula in which active ingredients work in synergism with the skin. Many products may have less than what is required to cause any affect.

The success is in the delivery; 40 years, 32 countries; rebuilding skin and rebuilding lives.

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Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 13.02.31Jessica’s story is one of our favourite stories of late, and her amazing quotes just keep coming. Her story is heart-wrenching in parts but with a goose-bump-all-over ending!

‘In my desperation I paid £180 for an alleged cure, Roaccutaine; this drug appeared to be a light in the darkness. My last chance, despite the poignant concern over the high suicidal side effects. But after being advised to watch the Dying for Clear Skin programme the day after my first DMK consultation, any desire to use Roaccutaine was obliterated.’

We’re very glad Jessica found DMK at exactly the right time! After a series of treatments with UK DMK skin technician Suzanne, Jessica began to show her face, look people in the eye and gain the confidence she needed in order to heal.

‘I was so enamoured by Susanne’s drive and diligence to hear my hearts cry. I’m sure you’re all aware of the Walt Disney Classic Cinderella and the pivotal moment she’s left alone, distraught and without hope of better. Her fairy godmother appears and blesses her with the chance of a greater tomorrow. Susanne has rightly earned the pseudo title of my Fairy Godmother. I’ll be forever in her debt.’

We hope that Jessica’s humbling words will bring courage to anyone experiencing the agonising emotional aspect of acne!

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Blog Jessikas Story

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